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Fun Facts

Did you know…

  • The building was constructed in 1893, and is still open
  • Barney Burnett (original owner) – died in 1910, was 41 years old
  • Barney weighed 720 lbs  – he was worlds heaviest man at the time
  • He had appendicitis, however he was too heavy to operate on
  • P.T. Barnum wanted him for his circus
  • When he died, a large hole was cut in the wall at Barney’s so he could be loaded on a farm wagon
  • After his passing, his 2 dogs would not stay in the house
  • His 10ft belt hangs on the wall to this day
  • Many original photos are displayed throughout the restaurant, where it is said his spirit remains
  • The present owners since 1995 are Mitchell & Deborah Hauser
  • Barney’s current general manager is Rick Vandervoort
  • We are open at 5pm Wednesday through Sunday –  closed on Monday and Tuesday
  • Catering is available on or off-premise
  • You can follow us on Facebook
  • Call us at 516-671-6300
  • We have an extensive wine list & specialty seasonal cocktails
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  • Gift certificates always available on site or by phone

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